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Good Design Awards


AirShoc Lawn & Garden Tools Win 2010
Clauss is proud to announce that all 7 tools in the initial AirShoc product assortment have been honored by Good Design.


SpeedPak Wins 2007
Clauss is proud to announce SpeedPak has also been honored by Good Design.




Handyman Seal of Approval Award 

SpeedPak Awarded the Handyman Seal of Approval
The Clauss SpeedPak Utility Knife has officially been tested and recommended by the Handyman Club of America! SpeedPak received a 99% approval rating! December, 2010


The Best Advice Award 
"The Best Advice Award goes to products that we like and find ourselves recommending again and again. Over the years, Co-host Randy Steele and I have personally presented awards such as Car and Driver's 10 Best, Popular Photography's Camera of the Year and Boating Magazine's Boat of the Year. Now, with The Best Advice Award, we continue to single out remarkable products." John Owens, February, 2010

SpeedPak is selected for The Best Advice Award by Those Advice Guys, a nationally syndicated radio show.





The best scissor I have ever used
"I am a paramedic and also work part-time in a Level-One trauma center, I just
want to say that the 7” Ti Snip Scissor is the best scissor I have ever used.
I cut though clothing, leather and multiple other items on a day to day
basis and it has never gotten dull. I have used the same pair for over
a year and it still cuts with ease. I have recommended your product to
every ER RN, Medic and Fireman that I come across."
Drew F., EMT-P, RRT (March, 2011)

We may work with flowers, but we’re no shrinking violets
"In the floral industry, our tools really take a beating. On any given day, we may be
cutting woody stems, tropical foliage, 18 gauge wire or fine silk ribbon- often all
for the same arrangement! Having the right implements is a must and the tools I reach for over and over are Clauss brand. The Titanium Bonded blades hold an edge longer than others and the new non-stick shears are a dream come true for cutting tape one minute and ribbon the next. In my 23 years as a floral designer, I have not found any tools to equal Clauss!"
Nancy G., Designer, Hansen's Flower Shop, Fairfield, CT (March, 2011)

Praise for the ExtremEdge Titanium Shear
"My job involves cutting 2" heat shrink tubing and I can do it with these scissors in
one cut. They are also so much sharper than any other scissors that I have
used  in the past. On a scale of 1-10, your scissors rate #1 with me!"
James, April, 2010

Thoughts on Clauss Floral Knives
"I have given out two of the new folding knives and I'm happy to say that both of our customers love the knife! I myself have been using it too. I would say it is as good, if not better than the competitive brand."
Jon at Pennock Co., August, 2010

Clauss Customer Service
"I am just thoroughly impressed by your customer service! Customer service is everything!!”
Jen, Clauss Customer, December, 2010

SpeedPak Feedback
"The blades loaded easily and extended well. The handle felt nice in my hand and very ergonomic. The blade held its edge and lasted much longer than other blades.”
Brian H., Product Tester, November, 2010

Even holding a pack of 10 blades, this product feel lighter than most utility knives I have used in the past.”
Bill P., Product Tester, November, 2010

“I love the fact that you do not have to take the knife apart to change blades, makes my jobs go faster.”
John K., Product Tester, November, 2010

“I found this knife to be superior to any utility knives that I have used. This is a great utility knife.”
Peter D., Product Tester, November, 2010

“One thing I love about this tool is the versatility of the cartridge system. The cartridge can be removed and a new cartridge with a different type of blade can be inserted. This is done swiftly and the cartridge keeps your hands and body free from cuts.”
William L., Product Tester, November, 2010

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